Kathy Hendley Photography | Guestbook
Had a fantastic time at our photo shoot! Kathy really takes the time to get that perfect shot. We didn't feel rushed at all and loved the outcome! So hard to choose a favorite. I loved them all! Great deal for her infant package as well!
Diann Stevens(non-registered)
Great pictures once again.(2001Cobra)
Harry Rakfeldt(non-registered)
Great pictures! We chatted on the walkway to the AMSOIL Convention and you gave me your postcard.

Warmest wishes your 'captures of life.'
Dorothy Murphy(non-registered)
Great Work. Enjoyed meeting you at Hendersonville Car Show (79 Olds Cutlass)
David Elmore(non-registered)
It was great meeting you tonight, ( yellow 1964 Dodge ) I was just looking at your work and " Great Work"
Nick Rapheal(non-registered)
Enjoyed your photography. It's exceptional. Keep snappin'!
Connie Ernsberger(non-registered)
I am the first to sign your guestbook! I love your photography and I can't wait for an opportunity (maybe this fall) to get some photos taken of the family!
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